July 9th | 21:30 | Rubik Art Center

Intriguing titles selected in the eighth edition of Moving Body Festival. They all present a great exploration of the 'screen dance' or dance for screen genre itself and reveal strong ideas and messages.



Absent Presence

0'55'', Italy

Director, writer and key cast: Giorgia Ponticello

Cinematographer: Jody Hinterleitner

Sound Designer: Simone Meneghelli


To perceive, from the Greek “touch at a distance”. Absent Presence is the surreal journey of a disconnected body in an attempt to find itself in the spaces of an empty house. A game of perceptions, between the ambiguity of reflections and distorted shadows, which leads the viewers to wonder about the relativity of what they are watching: what is real to us? What can I move and what moves me?


Animal Origins

10’14’’, United Kingdom

Directors: Siobhan Davies, David Hinton, Hugo Glendinning

Choreographer: Siobhan Davies

Producer: Pinky Ghundale, Composer: Stefan Smith


ANIMAL ORIGINS features the reflections of dancer and choreographer Siobhan Davies as she unravels the complex processes that underpin a life’s work in dance. At the same time she looks far beyond herself, touching upon the histories of movement embedded in each of us, allowing the watcher to enter a descriptive world and feel the weight of their own body walking or turning or falling. The images in the film echo Davies’ thoughts, showing the physical fluidity and depth of movement between all things. Many of these things are from the art world – from ancient sculpture through modern artworks and personal photos. The art is seen to be both felt and material, then transformed by the dancer into something they can hold and use.



14’30’’, The United States

Director, producer, key cast: John R Killacky


Inspired by scores, propositions, and performance actions of Fluxus-era artists, filmmaker John Killacky performs his own gestures based on their instructions and prompts in this wordless process-focused video.


06’34’’, The United Kingdom

Directors: Kane Husbands & Celia Willis

Producers: Celia Willis & Tara Finney

Key Cast: Azan Ahmed, Marc Benga, Dior Clarke, Jeff D’Sangalang, Andre Fyffe, Aaron Gordon, Mohammed Mansary, Kwami Odoom, Kamran Vahabi


BOYS is the playfulness and pressure of being a boy of colour trying to be a man; the bright, bold colour of youth bursting through.

Walks With Me

10’47’’, Finland

Director, choreographer, editor: Kati Kallio

Cinematographer, editor: Antti Ahokoivu

Costume designer: Niina Huovinen

Make Up and Hair by Laura Herttua

Music and sound designing by Janne Laine

Produced by Outi Rousu / Pystymetsä Oy and Elli Isokoski / Myrskyryhmä

Original idea by Elli Isokoski based on conversations with Kyllikki Piira, Script by Kati Kallio

80-year-old Sanna lives alone with her memories and houseplants. One day Sanna sees an event from her window that makes her reminisce about her friends and notice her own loneliness.


Truth is in the details

05’44’’, Spain

Director: Hadi Moussally

Producer: h7o7 and Raphael Miro Holzer

Key Cast: Joel Cojal, Beatriz Cubero Mateo, Raphael Miro Holzer, Hugo Taylor Bragg, Chus Western

Choreographer: Raphael Miro Holzer

D.O.P. & Post-production: Olivier Pagny

Music: Vladimir Kurumilian

Dance Company: Van Holzers

Location: Fundacio Mies Van Der Rohe


One of Mies Van Der Rohe’s legendary architectural masterpieces invites you to dive into a journey of empathy between humans, nature and human nature. It questions the perception of truth and regardless of whether the body is static or in motion, we watch but don’t see.



14’59’’, Taiwan

Director, choreographer, dancer, editor, sound Design: Chih-Chia Huang

Cameraman, sound: Ya-Nung Huang

Cameraman: Hui-Hsin Wang


Dance film project THOSE WHO PASS BY focuses on the interactions between the Body(Dance) and the spaces of Huajiang collective housing in Wanhua District, Taipei City; based on Chinese philosophy- Wuxing (Five phases), to create different imaginary characters and stories which echo different characteristics of spaces.



04’55’’, Italy

Director: Giovanna Pesce Dalla Francesca and Francesco Pozzato

Key cast: Pietro Braghetto and Beatrice Bonadio


Places, facts and dancers in this project are real. Nothing is fictional, and every time I invented, on the trail of my old director’s costume, I immediately felt compelled to destroy what I had invented. Steps are real too.