July 7th | 21:30 | Rubik Art Center

MOVING BODY Critical Moves

Screenings of short films from around the world
created on the border between dance and video art. The selection includes screendance films that remind us of the power of community, and the movements lead us to reflect on our place in the world, our relationship to each other and the environment in which we live and create. A great and vibrant mix of visual works on social issues, with documentary scenarios, striking landscapes and under 1 minute footage, shows us how much we can express through movement and what a thriving and universal language dance can be.


The Migrant Body

12’00’’, United States

Director: Paula Gil Higa, Cal Hopwood

Writer: Mario Auriemma Higa

Producer: Haley Bradstreet

Key Cast: Marcio Vinicius Paulino Silveira, Haley Bradstreet, Carolyn Connor, Candace Fugazy, Eli Hill, Lily Brown, Zoey November, Olivia Schrantz, Charlotte Feinberg, Calvin Walker

Cinematography: Ashton Harrewyn

Composer: Owen Belton

Poem Voiceover: Arthur Brooks

Costumes: Kristi Kilpatrick

Scenic Designer: Thiago Lourenço


This film examines human migration through the creative lens of PH Dance’s Artistic Director, Paula Higa. Deriving from her personal experience as a dual citizen of Brazil and the United States, Higa researched various motives for individual displacement. People migrate for many reasons, from new life experiences to security, from demography to human rights, and from socio-economic grounds to climate change. Thus, this performance focuses on the meaning of self-discovery by uncovering physical geography, the gap between past and present, and the sense of not having a home. Dancemaker Paula Higa proposes a reflection on who is not a migrant in this world.


Looking For Loïe

09’22’’, Finland

Director, choreographer: Tuulia Soininen

Dancer: Emma Heinonen

DOP: Aino Mättö

Gaffer: Eeva Laulumaa

Location sound recordist: Eveliina Suni

Editor: Tuulia Soininen

Camera assistant: Kerttu Mättö

Lighting assistant: Liina Mäkinen

Production assistant: Соня Вартонен

Foley artist: Julia Huopainen

Makeup artist: Hanna Ilkko

Photographer: Veera Lintula

Production: Muusa Tuotannot Oy


A young woman comes face to face with inequality in the workplace.


Urban genesis

18’00’’, France

Director: Fu Le

Key Cast: Khang Huu

DP 1936


Phuong is released from prison and returns to her home province. She finds Khang, her childhood sweetheart, but no longer recognizes her village. The elders have left, the factories have closed, and Khang has to go to Saigon where he has found a new job. While Vietnam is currently experiencing massive urbanization, this artisanal brickyard belongs to a bygone era when houses were built with the earth of the fields and the water of the Mekong. It embodies the origin of cities, the transition from wild nature to geometric constructions, the loss of innocence. In the last years, most of the brickyards in Mekong delta have closed, and Saigon suddenly bristled with countless skyscrapers. Urban Genesis questions the place left to love when time passes faster than the clouds.


13’06’’, United States

Director: Darshan Singh Bhuller

Key Cast: PeiJu Chien-Pott


Inspired by the Director’s daughter’s experience with loss, Nala is a film about processing grief. Shot by Cinematographer, Justin Ervin, set to an original score by Andrew Ryan, and danced by revered dancer, PeiJu Chien-Pott, the film unfolds from the public to the private and expresses, through movement, the depths of trauma, and the tension between despair and strength. What is at first overwhelming and all encompassing, becomes tempered, and absorbed into the natural landscape. 



05’03’’, Bulgaria

Director and choreographer: Katina Dishkov

Composer: Mirian Kolev

Producer: Ivan Nikolov


​​Dance movie, about a woman whose love is being blind, leading her to illusions of identification, in the space of romantic memories.



13’05’’, France

Directing, editing, lighting, concept, music: Thibaut Ras

Choreographer, concept, co-creator and performer-dancer: Csilla Nagy

Music-singing: György Philipp

Music-chello: Endre Kertész


We would like to show that man is part of nature. We are all driven by biodynamic forces. Earthly forces move my body: wind bends it, water hugs it, earth supports it, fire shakes it, and the ether connects the invisible with the visible in me.