July 8th | 21:30 | Rubik Art Center

Intriguing titles selected in the eighth edition of Moving Body Festival. They all present a great exploration of the 'screen dance' or dance for screen genre itself and reveal strong ideas and messages.



06’44’’, The United Kingdom

Director: Tolu Oshodi

Director of Photography: Asia Rose Kilgallon

Camera operator: Connor Hamilton

Sound Design: Stead

Performers: Ayo Babatope & Kikz Katika


I read somewhere that every cell in the human body is destroyed and replaced every seven years. How comforting it is to know that one day I will have a body you will have never touched. 


Remnants is the second iteration of a continuing body of work. The project is an exploration of the cyclical nature of cell regeneration occurring over a seven-year time span. The work is an inquiry into how this process relates to the human body and the physical encounters we have in our lifetime. 


Directed  by Tolu, Remnants takes the viewer on a visual journey through the landscape of the body. It uses movement, colour and sound to depict two bodies navigating the delicate exchange of power dynamics inherent in intimate relationships exploring sentiments of vulnerability, transformation and renewal.

Ghosts in the Machines

05’57’’, Australia

Director and writer:  Garry Stewart

Key Cast: Daniel Jaber, Rowan Rossi, Darci O’Rourke, Ally Clarke, Christopher Mills, Zoe Wozniak

It is a short dance film that features 6 stunning dancers from the Australian Dance Theatre interacting with industrial robots.


Doll+- Body Transmigration in its Ideal Fantasy

13’22’’, Canada

Director: Ran Zhou

Producer: Thomas Moore


In a posthuman world, a Chinese factory meticulously crafts the ideal figure from vibrant orange-yellow plastic. Devoid of gender and untethered to biological constraints, this entity exists within a virtual realm where notions of sickness, death, and beauty are rendered utterly absurd. Through the surreal spectacle of plastic dolls gyrating in the heavens to the rhythms of electronic music, the film ponders on capitalism, virtual existence, and the very essence of the human body.



04’35’’, Austria

Idea, Concept & Edit: Dina Yanni

Video Sample: Blue Hawaii (1960)

Audio Sample: The Pink Room (1992), Angelo Badalamenti


Vhs to digital. Fast Forward and slowed down. A synthesis of the digital and the analog glitch.

LUVOS migrations

14’00’’, Austria

Director: Editta Braun & Menie Weissbacher

Composition, recording, mixing: Thierry Zaboitzeff

Camera, post-production, animation: Menie Weissbacher

Dance: Martyna Lorenc, Anna Maria Müller, Sonia Borkowicz, Berta Ramírez, Screenplay

Choreography: Editta Braun

Editing consulting: Thomas: Hinterberger, Joana Scrinzi

Location scouting in Austria and Kenia: Menie Weissbacher

Light design: Thomas Hinterberger

Project development consulting: Steph Meisl, Beda Percht, Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau

Production: Editta Braun company


Vision of the future or images from a parallel universe? In breathtaking natural sceneries, automated industrial landscapes and deserted ruins, a journey through time and living spaces unfolds. Strange LUVOS beings from Editta Braun’s body illusion theatre conquer the screen to Thierry Zaboitzeff’s powerful and sensitive music.


the Occluding edge

10’30’’, Austria

Director: Michael O’Connor

Dance: Samuel Feldhandler, Michela Filzi, Miguel Witzke Pereira, Sophia Obermeyer

Camera: Jubal Battisti

Video and sound editing: Michael O’Connor

Second camera: Valentin Braun

Assistant: Harumi Terayama

Color grading: Jubal Battisti


Edges make lines that inform us of hidden spaces and proximities.


Inner Room

05’49’’, Bulgaria

Director and choreographer: Ina Gerginova

Cinematographer: Ivan Nikolov

Editing: Alexander Evtimov-Shamancheto, Ivan Nikolov

Special effects: Nikola Gyulmezov

Music and Sound design: Alexander Evtimov-Shamancheto

Dancers: Ina Gerginova, Ana Miteva, Mariana Kapoustyanova, Christina Veselinova, Rositsa Ivanova

Stylist: Irina Tsapreva

Photographer: Nikola Gyulmezov

Assistant director: Christina Tantcheva

Assistant choreographer: Mariana Kapoustyanova

Grip: Ludmil Venev


A room no one has ever entered is the only possible meeting space for the various manifestations of a young woman in search of meaning to continue her life.


Marie. Eduardo. Sophie

03’15’’, Canada

Direction, production: Thomas Corriveau

Dancers: Marie Mougeolle, Eduardo Ruiz Vergara, Sophie Corriveau

Music: Guido Del Fabbro


A mesmerizing contemplation of moving bodies and painting, with three magnificent performers of Montreal contemporary dance, Marie Mougeolle, Eduardo Ruiz Vergara and Sophie Corriveau. The film reveals a triptych of colorful portraits that come to life through movement. A singular work.

The Seven Cults

05’00’’, The Netherlands

Director: Jerom Fischer

Writer: Jerom Fischer, Elsemarijn Bruys

Producer: Frits van de Clips


The Seven Cults is a collection of 7 super short experimental films that give us a glimpse into the world of seven fictitious cults. Each with their own system of belief, rituals and objects of worship. One cult shuts down all of their five senses in order to appreciate life to the fullest, another assimilates with mother nature to reach enlightenment. Together, the collection tells a story about obsession. How the human need to become more than what we are can lead us down dark paths. The Seven Cults is a collaboration of choreography, minimalistic art-direction and styling put together in a black box. The project has become a true exploration of creativity and experimentation.


Walls Beneath Our Feet

04’51’’, Finland

Director & script: Antti Suniala

Artists: Rauli Dahlberg & Teemu Skön, Race Horse Company

Music: RRKK @ Observatorio, Helsinki

Director of photography: Christoffer Collina

2nd camera: Antti Suniala

Editing & Color grading: Petri Erkkilä

Production: Antti Suniala, Race Horse Company 


Walls Beneath our Feet is a circus/dance short film inspired by the Pasila Street Art District in Helsinki exploring movement in urban space from unexpected angles.