Heart of the Earth

07’36, United States, 2022

Director, choreographer, co-composer: Lindsay Gilmour, Performer: Lillian Stamey, Photographer & Co-composer: Nathan Whitmont


Exploring the relationship between nature and the human body.


Lindsay Gilmour is a performer, choreographer, filmmaker, and educator. Her work explores presence, ritual, and rebellion, fusing text, voice, and the moving body. She combines the mystical, political, and absurd, both honoring and poking fun at the human condition. Her most recent works delve into embodying local landscapes and our need for wild untamed spaces. She is the recipient of a Nehru Fulbright Award for Academic and Professional Excellence (2018) and a Hellman Fellowship (2020-2021) in support of her research exploring the preservation, adaptation, and innovation of Ritual Dance in Vajrayana Buddhist Nunneries and Monasteries in India. She is deeply interested in embodied knowledge and exploring what ancient dances might share with contemporary somatic movement practices.


The film will be part of the screening on 30.10.2022, 19:00-20:30, Festival and Congress Centre – Varna.