11’15, Belarus, 2022

Director: Viktoria Khmelchenko, Performers: Sonya Lado, Maria Ganina, Polina Zubtsova, Arina Nikiforova, Evgenia Rubakova, Olga Ostashevskaya, Viktoria Khmelchenko, Anna Gorbatsevich, Irina Tsiasliuk, Irina Zarouskaya, Alice Kuhta, Viktoria Paskhalova, Alexandra Kakovka, Anna Kulpo


«… the longest way is the way from yourself to someone…»


From the very beginning, each tree is reaching for the sky and light ,and into the dark depths of the earth proportionately. Flowering directly depends on the underground side of the tree’s life, because before you straighten your shoulders, you should make sure that you stand on your own feet.

Viktoria Khmelchenko is a dancer and contemporary teacher based in Vilnius, Lithuania. She was born in Belarus and develop there her skills as dancer and choreographer for more than 8 years. She is a member and co-founder of the experimental dance team Indeed Crew. The work “KORNI” is the first work for me as a director, and the final work with the group of my students in Minsk.


The film will be part of the screening on 30.10.2022, 17:00-18:30, Festival and Congress Centre – Varna.