Connectt x Just Before Dawn

08’35, Denmark, 2022

Director: Eva Anker, Producer: Kamille Niin, Choreographer: Simone Ballan, Music original by Sonnymooon, New version recorded by Mastertone studio and arranged and sung by Ingrid Paskell, Azhar Saleh, Julie Konstantinovich Pedersen, Liv Alfrida, Rosalina Hoff Kjærgaard, Sara Agervig Carstensen. Danced by Cecilie Runge, Christian Zippo Storgaard, Katrine Holmsnæs, Lisbeth Ravn Riis, Simone Ballan, Sofus Engholm-Hansen


Connect and join the mood through music.


Eva Anker (DK, 1997), Copenhagen-based Shooting Director and photographer. Eva always looks back to nature to find the truth in her staged worlds and her work often takes place in an interplay between man and nature. With a background in art, architecture, and photography schools, she has for over 10 years been exploring the world around her through the camera lens. She is exploring how many different kinds of relationships we humans have with each other and her projects often come down to different ways of cultivating them. In a study of how we choose to accommodate, appear and interact differently from relationship to relationship. A wonder of the many layers and shifts that can occur in the same person, depending on what and whom people are surrounded by.


The film will be part of the screening on 30.10.2022, 17:00-18:30, Festival and Congress Centre – Varna.