15’00, Lithuania, 2021

Director: Ugne Dievaite, Performers: Natalia García Graus, Ugne Dievaite; Cinematography and post-production: Mikas Zabulionis; Original soundtrack: Vidal; Choreography: Ugne Dievaite; Project coordination: Ausra Degutyte-Kancauskiene


Two women, who experience their cyclic nature within the context of western culture and lifestyle, move through different stages of life searching for their own personal rhythm, as if it was a refuge that allowed them to peacefully dance the dance of their life.


Ugne is a Lithuanian director, choreographer and dancer based in Madrid. She is interested in the plasticity of the body and the possibility to transform it with the help of movement so that it could reveal symbols, emotional and physical states, and could speak about individual, as well as collective experiences. Identity is a relevant theme in the works of Ugne. The topic of being a woman is especially present in the dance piece “Female” and in her latest work “Flicker in the night” which is performed by two women of different ages, Agnija and Marija, and examines the fate of a woman in a patriarchal society through the life experience of the Lithuanian poetess Salomeja Neris. Many dance works of Ugne have received awards: Es como ver nubes (2012), Uninvited presence (2013), Flesh (2014), Female (2015), Anhelo (2016).


The film will be part of the screening on 30.10.2022, 17:00-18:30, Festival and Congress Centre – Varna.