The Cities Inside Us

06’52, Sweden, 2022

Directed & edited, Emi Stahl & Klara Kristoffersson, Created and performed by ReAct!, Choreography by ReAct!, Cinematographer and colorist by Mattias Silva fsf, Music by David Åhrström


What memories do we carry within us from different places? How do they change over time? The short film “The Cities inside us” depicts how our inner landscapes are in constant movement. This movement is connected to the physical world – to its people and places. Maybe our memories and feelings are an everlasting construction site where some parts get forgotten whereas others are rebuilt over and over again…


Klara Kristoffersson born in 1991 grew up in Örnsköldsvik, the northern part of Sweden. She started her creative journey at the School of the Red Cross where she studied one-year documentary filmmaking. This was where her passion for storytelling started to grow and expand over different genres. She wanted to explore alternative ways to create an emotional impact on the audience through sound and image. Her journey continued at Dalarna University where she studied Audiovisual Production. During her time at university, she produced audiovisual installations, live performances, and short films. After her studies, she has directed and produced several music videos for some of Sweden’s biggest artists. Klara will always keep exploring different ways to express herself across different genres.


Emi Stahl is a Swedish video artist. She creates and consults Visual Content for the performing arts scene. As a VJ and animator she explores movement adjusted to sound and environment live. She creates visuals that are carefully adapted to space and all its impressions. Emi has created video content since 2012 and her main focus has always been the perception of motion.


ReAct! is a performance company based in Stockholm, Sweden, that aims to reach the public directly by performing in public spaces, therefore opening art to new audiences. The main mission of ReAct! – Actions moving is to raise questions about the rules shaping behavior in public spaces. The aim is to create situations that give an opportunity for people to question the limits of public spaces, in which they normally only perform themselves by following all the spoken and unspoken rules. We want our work to be an entry point into performing arts for new audiences as well as an original experience for expert ones.


The film will be part of the screening on 29.10.2022, 19:00-20:30, Festival and Congress Centre – Varna.