Prisoner of the borders

03’07, France, 2022

Director: Morgan Eloy, Choreographer: Tia Balacey, Dancer: Tia Balacey; Music: Leon Afterbeat; Production: moovance dance, Co-writer: Carine Loison


Moovance is associated with Utopia 56 in order to raise awareness of the problems of exile, borders and non-acceptance. Utopia 56 is an association that provides emergency aid to people in exile and to anyone in distress, particularly at the French-British border. Through this creation, we want to highlight the struggle led by Aman, Shakar, Saman, Ibrahim, Emebet, Alain, Nasra and so many other people blocked at the borders in the North of France in the hope of finding refuge by crossing the English Channel in very difficult conditions for a completely uncertain future.


Morgan Eloy is a director who has always been passionate about images, specializing in dance since 2017. Attached to the dialogue that is created between the dancer and the camera during the shot, he sublimates shared moments to bring them to life outside of present time. Being a visual art that is savored over a privileged time, Morgan believes that dance blends perfectly with video, which allows this instantaneous art to be given a second life. He thus offers the spectator a new point of view, closer to the dancer, more attached to detail. Through his camera, the director can also modify the rhythm of a dance step in order to sublimate it and thus bring another dimension to the movement.


Филмът ще бъде част от прожекцията на 29.10.2022, 19:00-20:30, Фестивален и конгресен център – Варна.