15’00, Brazil, 2022

Production – Deriva, Tempoo, Director – Mateus Guedes, Screenplay – Mateus Guedes, Cinematography – Jão Vicente, Executive Production – Deriva, Tempoo, Cast – Silvia Góes, Orun Santana, Yuri Texeira Choreographer – Silvia Góes Orun Santana, Edition – Mateus Guedes, Color Grading – Jão Vicente, Production Assistant – Vitor Pessoa, Local Production – Tarsila Cober, Text – Caio Lima, Sílvia Góes, Mateus Guedes, Translations – Júlio Pergentino, Hugo Dubeux, Illustrations – Isabella Galvão, Still – Mateus Guedes, Original Soundtrack – Deriva, Sound – Deriva, Sound Design – Deriva, Sound Mixing – Deriva, Art Direction – Mateus Guedes,Sílvia Góes Sound Engineering – Vinicius Aquino, Sound Assistant – Miguel Santana, Distribution – Clarice Andrade


A mother lost in her grief, seeks to overcome the loss of her son and goes on a transcendental journey to unleash all her pain. Her tears flow with the waters of the Opará River (São Francisco River), to the mouth, where the river meets the sea and where she finds love again.


Mateus Guedes is a multi-artist who works in the areas of direction, script, executive production, photography, phonographic production and environmental activism. Born in Recife, Brazil, he found in the languages ​​of audiovisual, music and dance the favorable environment to develop artistically. He is currently the director of the multi-artistic project DERIVA, which develops a continuous work through the production of several audiovisual and musical works in the axis of creation and research, with the concern for the environment and sustainability as one of its main banners. In 2022, he released his first film, the short film “OPARÁ”.


The film will be part of the screening on 29.10.2022, 19:00-20:30, Festival and Congress Centre – Varna.