Un-spoken words of a Heartist – Je suis née dans un chaos

07’26, Belguim, 2021

Artistic Director, writer & author: Nadine Baboy, Director: Muhiba Botan, Choreographer: Nadine Baboy, Hervé Loka Sombo, Producer: Nadine Baboy, Composer: Nadine Baboy, Kevin Lotsu, Music: ” Je suis née dans un chaos”, Written, composed & performed by Nadine Baboy, Composition, musical arrangement, guitar, mix and mastering by Kevin Lotsu


In the middle of chaos, Nadine Baboy offers a dance-poetry masterpiece where words become a movement that brings a new breath of hope to humanity in search of reconnecting to the authenticity of its identity.


Nadine Baboy is a Heartist with a passion for the performing arts and storytelling. She is passionate about writing and telling stories with her artistic languages: poetry, dance, writing, theater, music, and singing. Inspired by artistic and cultural crossbreeding, she creates, writes, directs, and choreographs powerful dance poetry works including the dance-theater pieces Terre Riche (2016), Désintégration Culturelle (Prix Brussels Bijou 2017), and Un Nouveau Souffle (2020). In 2021, she created and produced her first short film Un-spoken words of a Heartist – Je suis née dans un chaos. Her creations carry a committed message and link her African roots with her European influences. 


Muhiba Botan (Somalia, 1988), is a visual artist. She holds a master’s degree in visual arts with a focus on photography from LUCA School of Arts in Genk, Belgium, and she currently resides and works in Antwerp. Her work explores gender, race, and identity. As a child of refugees, she is acutely aware of the intersection between these subjects and how this impacts the social, political, and cultural issues faced by the diaspora. Her work focuses on the way we perceive each other and ourselves in society, and the causes, effects, and consequences of these views. By examining, dissecting, reimagining, and reconstructing them, she invites the viewer to do the same.


The film will be part of the screening on 29.10.2022, 17:00-18:30, Festival and Congress Centre – Varna.