12’00, Germany, 2021

Concept and Choreography: Charlotte Triebus, Concept and Sound Composition: Brigitta Muntendorf, Costume: Inès Alpha, Dance: Charlotte Triebus, Project Management: Charlotte Triebus, Scientific Consultation and Technical Coordination: Christian Geiger, Technical Lead: Nanette Ratz, Financial Management: Ivana Družetić-Vogel, AR Technology Development: Nanette Ratz, Peter Nelke, User Interface: Lisa Glosowitz, Development Assistance: Niklas Tluk, Avatar and Texture Creation: Timo Stampa, Texture and Shading Creation: Niclas Rosso, Unity Flow and Support: Lisa Glosowitz, Motion Capturing Dance: Ben Fischer, Micro Mimic Capturing: Ben Fischer, Peter Nelke, Post Production: Nanette Ratz, Peter Nelke, Post ProductionL Micro Gesture: Rainer Schiller


kin_ is a performative dance piece by Charlotte Triebus exploring human corporeality with digital technology. One to three avatars move in augmented space and can be approached and experienced via your own mobile device. You are invited to join reality entanglements and its distortions, to sense alien intimacy and the fine line between observation and surveillance. Between agency, connection and interaction, the avatar dancers react to proximity and distance, movement and wind impulses. For the interactive, binaural soundtrack and reactive costumes, Charlotte Triebus has been collaborating with composer Brigitta Muntendorf as well as digital make-up artist Inès Alpha. kin_ has been developed and scientifically supported by MIREVI Lab (University of Applied Science Düsseldorf).


Performance artist and choreographer Charlotte Triebus researches with her ensemble New Human Body Society and the MIREVI (Mixed Reality & Visualization, institute at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf at the interface between dance, art and technology. She combines artistic practice and theoretical research, specifically asking about the acting body, agency and queer identity relations.


The performative dance piece will be held on 29.10.2022, 13:00-16:00, The Center – Varna.