10’00, France, 2022

Director: Sarah Kuntz, Cast: Eglantine Chauchaix, Cecilia Iovinno, Pauline Leblond, Fanny Paris, Pauline Pitault, Composer: Julien Reynaud


Choreography and film directing have been designed in connection with a megalithic site. The film is about megalith’s history, several civilizations megaliths have seen succeed, and the testimony that remains to us today.


Sarah Kuntz comes from both the cinematographic and choreographic field, which led her to create dance films. Beside her activity as a director for different types of videos and movies, she also dances in the context of various projects.


The film will be part of the screening on 27.10.2022, 18:30-20:00, Festival and Congress Centre – Varna.