Initial Boost

15’00, Bulgaria, 2021

Director: Stanislav Rumenov Genadiev, Assistant Choreographer: Violeta Vitanova, Performers: Violeta Vitanova, Elena Kitova, Costumes: Stanislav Genadiev, Ralitsa Toneva, Psychologist consultant: Stanislava Simeonova, Cameraman, photographer: Marin Kafedzhiyski, Video processing, editing: Vladislav Iliev, Producer: “Areality” association”


“Initial Boost” examines the physical and psychological effort of human beings required to dominate and overcome another human body. The interaction between them begins with an abstract impulse, which expands into a game without a winner and loser, when a body simultaneously gives and receives energy. Of high significance for the performance are the visual representations and the stream of energy that blur the boundaries of the subject and object. “The symbol is a new synthesis in which the mystery and the answer are one.” – Carl Jung


Stanislav Genadiev is a graduate of the National School of Dance Art in Sofia. He danced at the Swiss company “Cie Linga”, “Lausanne” and “Cie Alias”, in Geneva. He has participated in the theatre performances “Astapovo Station,” and “Elabuga Station,” directed by Margarita Mladenova and Ivan Dobchev at Sfumato Theatre Laboratory as well as “Hamlet,” directed by Javor Gardev at Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Sofia. He has worked as a choreographer in theatrical projects directed by Javor Gardev, Mladen Alexiev, Stayko Murdzhev. Stanislav creates music for theatre and dance performances and is also involved in a number of experimental music projects such as Roboknob, Hypnos and Genda. Since 2007 he has been participating in the “Kinesthetic Project” where he is both choreograopher and dance along with Violeta Vitanova. Vitanova and Genadiev’s first successful performance is named “Imago” (2006) for which both were awarded an IKAR for best theatre performance debut. In 2013 they were given an IKAR for contemporary dance and performance for the choreography of “The Mousetrap” in “Hamlet”, directed by Javor Gardev. In 2013, Genadiev was conferred an honorary diploma by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria on the occasion of May 24th, the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and of Slavic Literature. Since 2015 together with Vitanova they have been working and collaborating with the French choreographer Brice Leroux. In 2021, Genadiev initiated the foundation “Areality” Association where he collaborates with Violeta Vitanova, Filip Milanov, Valeri Milenkov, Elena Kitova, Ralitsa Toncheva and Elena Angelova.


The film will be part of the screening on 27.10.2022, 18:30-20:00, Festival and Congress Centre – Varna.