05 November 2022, 19:30, City Art Gallery Varna, Lyuben Karavelov 1 str., Varna Bulgaria

Duration: 60 min.


Solo performance by Agata Siniarska, Mentors: Litó Walkey, Sophia New, Inside/outside eyes: Ania Nowak, Mateusz Szymanówka, Lights: Diego Agulló, Special thanks to: Eva Meyer-Keller, Julia Rodriguez, Sonia Fernandez Pan, Christian Hackenberger, Franziska Dieterich, Maque Pereyra, Alice Heyward, Soda students, Soda teachers, the audience


A solo performance for 50 000 dead cells, 10 billions of bacteria, 30 000 roentgens radiation per hour, 23 liters of air, 7.8 Richter magnitudes and an audience.

By and with: agata siniarska, air, heat, bacteria, sweat, scientific facts, discourses, affects, personal dramas, gossips, zeros, thoughts, inner speeds, transplants, women, aliens and other species.


What would our reality be if we could see all the things we cannot usually see? What would be its intensity, its image, its taste… Would it be one reality or shall I say realities?

If we could say that reality is the state of relations, the invisible is a huge part of it. This part that many times is called zero or nothing. Zero may mean nothing to the Western world, but that has nothing to do with the way it works. If zero is supposed to signify a hole, a space, or a missing piece, and one is the sign of positivity, digital machines turn these binaries around. Zero is something, though not some quality, which is what usually we mean by ‘thing’.

Zero has always been something very different from the sign which has emerged from the West’s inability to deal with anything which, like zero, is neither something in particular nor nothing at all. And it is certainly the case that, with or without the signs that represent them as inert negativities, holes themselves are never simply absences of positive things. This is purely an analytical myth. Nothing is just as much a particle as what passes through it… It is not an absence, a space where there should be something else. Holes are charged particles running in reverse. For the quantum physicist, holes are not the absence of particles but particles traveling faster than speed of light.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are living in entangled webs. We are not individual, separated entities: we live between discourses, other entities, languages – everything is crossing our ‘established’ borders. Reality does not run along the neat straight lines of the printed page. Definitely not this one. I am porous, I cannot be sure of any borders: borders of my thoughts, emotions, imagination, finally physical borders. There exists an uncontrollable interaction between me and others. I am part of a huge collective. I cannot claim any ownership. The way I think, I feel, I am aware, I am not aware, I know, I work – it’s all simply an entanglement of forces, some of them hidden from the public display, some of them stolen, some of them unconsciously taken.


Agata Siniarska, fictional character with many talents and a criminal past, consciously happening chapter after chapter inside the choreographic frame, dealing with the idea of femme female impersonation. Giving a chance to different kinds of theatrical forms, currently she studies Choreography in Berlin, yet she doesn’t forget past experiences and desires towards language and writing, cinema and animation. Addicted to fiction, she makes her investigations between life/death in image and life/death outside the frame, fashioning herself as a tool forr visual rhetoric through the cultural structures. Every image, fueled by the energy of profound theoretical hesitancy, she makes with passion and intense fascination: many times not alone but with exquisite adventurers.