In search for the oracle’s body | Open call 

Project-laboratory led by Maryna Makarenko & Diego Agulló

Full duration: 31.10 – 04.11


31.10 – 03.11 Everyday practices between 12:00-16:30h.

04.11 Preparation between 15:00-19:00. Participatory event at 19:30h.

Location: Varna, Bulgaria (The Center & City Art Gallery)


MOVING BODY FESTIVAL #7 invites you to spend 5 days researching what is the intimate affinity between rituals, spells, magic and performance. Maryna and Diego will propose a series of exercises to do individually and in groups. You are not expected to have a special background or experience on the topic, the only thing we ask you for, is your initiative and motivation to work with personal topics and to be open to explore and experiment at both indoors and outdoors locations.

On the fifth day of the work there will be a public participatory event within the frame of the festival where you will have the chance to share your practices with an audience.

During the laboratory you will be communicating in English.


DEADLINE TO APPLY: 20 October 2022

WAYS TO APPLY: Simply fill out this application form and we will be in touch!

Maximum number of participants: 20

Participation fee: 20 BGN

Apply here 

NB! We are able to accommodate up to six participants who live outside of Varna and wish to be part of the laboratory. You would be accommodated at no extra cost for six nights in total: 30.10-05.11. The first six participants who select this option at the application form will be contacted for further details.